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October 21 | 11:12 | 1♥


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October 21 | 8:57 | 1♥


• You can read it here.

October 15 | 12:39 | 3♥

UVERworld fanfics [masterpost]



The fanfictions I’ve done during the last days ^^ (everything pretty much General Audiance and very short)

They’re all written by Japanese fans, I’ve only tranlated them to English. So please respect each author for their work ne ;D They’re interesting to read because you can learn a bit…

Thank you~♥

October 14 | 11:55 | 3♥ | mikoshigirl

Author: Yuu.

English transaltion: Gilli. [www.mikoshigirl.tumblr.com]

English correction: Shiki. [www.twitter.com/ShikiLove81]






UVERstudy parody * When they ran out of money during the summer holidays.

Katsuya, Takuya & Nobuto: … ← In the middle of studying

Nobuto: Maaaan!! I hate studying! *bangs head on the table*

Takuya: I’m tired of it, too, Shishou! [Nobu’s nickname, meaning “teacher”] Let’s go to the pub, I’m hungry! *chair flapping*

Katsuya:It’s definitely the time! But let’s go to Saizeriya! [Italian restaurant chain] It’s cheaper! *tosses wallet*

Takuya & Nobuto: Absolutely!! ← Lack of money

… While getting the bicycles ready…

Takuya: Ah! Ouch! The bicycles are very hot!

Nobuto: Uwaah~ Indeed…

Takuya: Shishou~ Please place me there~

Katsuya: Heave-hooo!

Nobuto: Wait! Think before you place him!! *despair*

Takuya: Uwa, Shishou, holy shit…

Reaching Saizeriya after 5 minutes

Nobuto: Ooh~ How cool!

Clerk: May I ask how many people you are?

Takuya: We’re two. Ah, that’s wrong~

Katchan: We’re three.

Nobuto: (((*´ ・_っ・`))))シュン *something weird that neither Gilli or God could translate*

Clerk: You can sit here.

The sunlight was shining against the backrest.

Takuya: So hot…! The sun’s shining too brightly, let’s change places, Shishou!

Nobuto: Don’t wanna! Heat is my weak point.

Takuya: It’s my weak point, too! You dumbass-shishou!

Nobuto: Why calling me “Shishou” at this point of time??


Shintarou & Akira: Ah.

Takuya: Oooh~! If that’s not Akira and Tarou!

Shintarou: Lunch?

Katsuya:Yeah. You, too?

Shintarou: Yep.

Akira: I went here first. When I told Shin-chan about it, he said it’s no good.

Shintarou: Aren’t there cheaper ones around?

Akira: There’s curry in here.

Nobuto: There’s not~

Akira: Tse…

Nobuto: Ah, I’m sorry!

Takuya: I’ll take a hamburger~!

Shintarou: Ah, me, too.

Katsuya: First of all, sit down.

With everyone at Saizeriya.


Somehow I didn’t want to go on! It isn’t even summer (ω*)wow…

Wrritten by yuu (10th October 2014)




Parodia de UVERestudios. * Cuando se quedan sin dinero en las vacaciones de verano.

Katsuya, Takuya & Nobuto: … ← Estudiando.

Nobuto: ¡Odio estudiar, viejo! *se da la cabeza contra el banco*

Takuya: ¡Estoy cansado, Shishou**. Vamos al pub, ¡tengo hambre! *hamacándose en el asiento* ! [**El apodo de Nobuto, significa “profesor”].

Katsuya: ¡Ya es momento de salir! ¡Pero primero vayamos a Saizeriya**! Es barato. *agarra la billetera* [**Restaurante italiano].

Takuya & Nobuto: ¡Sí! ← No tienen dinero.

…Mientras preparaban las bicicletas…

Takuya: Ah! Ouch! ¡Las bicicletas están calientes!

Nobuto: Uwaah~ Es cierto.

Takuya: Shishou~ Ponme allí~

Katsuya: Dios mí-hooo!

Nobuto: ¡Espera! ¡Ten cuidado! *desesperado*

Takuya: Uwa, Shishou, mierda…

Llegando a Saizeriya después de 5 minutos.


Nobuto: Ooh~ ¡Genial!

Clerk: ¿Puedo preguntar cuántas personas son?

Takuya: Somos dos…Ah, me equivoco~

Katsuya: Somos tres.

Nobuto: (((*´ ・_っ・`))))シュン *algo raro que ni Gilli ni Dios pueden traducir*

Clerk: Se pueden sentar aquí.

El sol estaba brillando en los respaldos de las sillas.

Takuya: ¡Qué calor! El sol está muy fuerte, cambiembos de lugar, Shishou~

Nobuto: ¡No quiero! El calor es mi punto débil.

Takuya: ¡También es mi punto débil! ¡Imbécil!

Nobuto: ¿Por qué llamarme “Shishou” ahora?

Katsuya: ¡Ah!

Shintaro & Akira: ¡Ah!

Takuya: Oooh~! ¿No son Akira y Tarou?

Shintaro: ¿Almorzando?

Katsuya: Sí, ¿ustedes también?

Shintaro: Sip.

Akira: Vine aquí primero. Cuando le dije de esto a Shin-chan, me dijo que no era bueno.

Shintaro: ¿No hay restaurantes más baratos por aquí?

Akira: No hay curry aquí.

Nobuto: No hay~

Akira: Tse…

Nobuto: Ah, ¡lo siento!

Takuya: ¡Yo quiero una hamburguesa!~

Shintaro: Ah, yo también.

Katsuya: Primero que nada, siéntense.

October 14 | 11:38 | 2♥

Desu. uwu



October 14 | 1:56 | 9♥

Another translation~ 

Author: Unknown.

English translation: Gilli.  www.mikoshigirl.tumblr.com

English correction: Shiki. www.twitter.com/ShiKiLove81


•I’ll introduce you a new member of our team, Shiki. She will be our english corrector. Thank you for accepting our request~

•Les presento a la nueva miembro del equipo, Shiki. Ella será nuestra correctora del inglés. Muchas gracias por aceptar nuestra petición~ 


Read the fanfic HERE

October 13 | 12:55 | 3♥


Read it here.


October 12 | 11:37 | 5♥

Sorry for the TAKUYA∞ spam. I’ll make editions of the others soon. xD

October 11 | 2:03 | 7♥


• Read it here.


October 11 | 1:36 | 8♥